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Video: How Project Corazon’s volunteer lawyers are making a difference at the border

In August 2019, Project Corazon (a Lawyers for Good Government Foundation program) launched a pilot program in Matamoros (Mexico), sending a group of 6 volunteer lawyers to the border to provide pro bono legal services to asylum-seekers stuck in the administration’s “Remain in Mexico” program.

The group was able to serve more than 130 asylum-seekers in a single weekend, providing legal guidance and workshops to families who would otherwise have no access to legal services.

Based on the success of the pilot, Project Corazon is expanding the program. Two weekend workshops will be held in September 2019, and beginning in October 2019, a full-time immigration lawyer with the Lawyers for Good Government Foundation will begin working full-time in Brownsville, Texas (just across the border from Matamoros), scaling the program to include preparation of asylum applications and connecting individual asylum-seekers with pro bono legal counsel.

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What can YOU do to help immigrants whose rights are under attack?

What can YOU do to help immigrants whose rights are under attack?

The Trump administration argued in court this week that detained migrant children do not require basic hygiene products (like soap and toothbrushes) to be held in "safe and sanitary" conditions. Lawyers who recently interviewed detained children report that kids are living in "traumatic and dangerous" conditions - insufficient food and water, going weeks without bathing, kids as young as 7 years old being told to care for the babies and toddlers.

Parents and other adults in detention aren't faring any better. In one processing center in El Paso, a cell designed for 12 people was crammed with 76, causing migrants to stand on the toilets for breathing space. Up to 900 migrants were held at another facility designed for 125. In another case, a teenage mother holding a sick and dirty premature baby spent 9 days detained without access to medical care for her newborn. They "wouldn't give her any water to wash [the baby]."

Doing nothing in the face of these atrocities is not an option.


L4GG just launched our Climate Change Resources site, where we're posting the state profiles and other resources prepared by more than 200 L4GG volunteer lawyers in support of the Sierra Club's "Ready for 100" campaign to help municipalities shift to 100% renewable energy. So far, we've posted 3 state profiles, and plan to post another 10 - 15 state profiles by the end of 2018.

To view the profiles, go to the link below, create a member account, and then click on the state(s) you want to view:



"L4GG’s coordination of volunteers to produce legal research for cities will be a game-changer for our Ready for 100 Program. L4GG’s work will help cities across the country navigate complicated energy policy and expedite their shift to 100% renewable energy." — Jodie Van Horn, Director, Sierra Club "Ready for 100" Campaign

"L4GG’s ability to coordinate such a large group of legal volunteers nationwide fills a deep niche that has been lacking; cities want to take action, but often do not have the resources to create tangible, realistic pathways to renewable energy." — Antha Williams, Head of Environmental Programs, Bloomberg Philanthropies

L4GG would like to thank Jillian Phoenix Blanchard, L4GG Climate Change Program Lead, for her hard work and leadership on this front.


The 33-year Trump/Russia timeline we spent 3 months building

The 33-year Trump/Russia timeline we spent 3 months building

Our team of volunteer lawyers and developers ended up working on this project for three months — researching, verifying, coding, designing, uploading files, proofreading — to get to the point where we could launch a publicly viewable timeline showing connections between President Trump, his advisors, and Russia from 1984 to present.