Supreme Court

No Vote on Brett Kavanaugh without a Thorough and Impartial Investigation

Lawyers for Good Government, a non-partisan national advocacy organization working to strengthen democratic institutions, resist abuse of power, and defend individual rights, joins with the American Bar Association and the Dean of the Yale Law School, as well as with scores of other Senators, scholars, and champions for the sanctity of the Rule of Law, in calling for the Senate to refrain from voting on the U.S. Supreme Court Candidacy of Brett Kavanaugh unless and until a thorough and impartial investigation of criminal allegations against Judge Kavanaugh has been completed. The appropriate resource for such investigation is the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  

Cursory and superficial inquiries cannot substitute for thorough and professional fact-finding by impartial investigators with the FBI, nor can a “limited” FBI investigation consisting solely of interviews with four individuals named by the White House suffice to allay concerns about alleged criminal activity on the part of a Supreme Court nominee.

The U.S. Supreme Court is the most powerful and influential interpreter of our country’s rule of law. In discharging their extraordinarily consequential responsibilities, Supreme Court justices must not only be brilliant legal minds, but should also be paragons of fairness, integrity, and personal character. To rush an inadequately investigated candidacy to a vote for the sake of political expediency represents a betrayal of American principles and ideals.