Remote Intake Program - Training & Volunteer Info

Thank you for your interest in conducting remote intake interviews for detained asylum-seekers. On this page, you should be able to access training materials, sign up for shifts, find key documents, and access key URLs.


Prior to signing up for a shift (or shifts) below, please make sure you meet the following requirements:

  1. You are fluent in Spanish;

  2. You have filled out the volunteer sign-up form;

  3. You have completed the webinar training;

  4. You have signed the L4GG Foundation volunteer agreement; and

  5. You have reviewed the volunteer guidelines & updates below.


Once you have completed the webinar training (and fulfilled the other requirements listed above) and before signing up for one or more shifts, please note the following changes (these aspects of the program have changed since the training webinar was delivered):

  • RAICES will NOT reach out to you via Google chat at the beginning of each shift. Instead, they will reach out to you either via Google chat, text message to your phone, or simply calling your phone, and ONLY if and when there is an intake interview for you to complete.

  • If possible, we prefer that you use the Spanish version of the intake form (you can access the form in the “Resources” section below).

It’s also important that you understand the following volunteer guidelines:

  • To sign up for shifts, click here and select the days/times that work for you. ALL SHIFTS ARE SHOWN IN EASTERN TIME.

  • Signing up for a shift means you are “on call” to assist with any intakes that may come in during that window of time. If no intakes are required during your shift, you won’t receive a message or call during that shift. If that happens, please note that having you on call was still very valuable and we still very much appreciate your willingness to help.

  • After each intake interview, it is VERY important that you fill out a post-intake report using this online form. As part of that report, you will upload your completed intake form as a PDF.