• Before you register for the IVC Orientation...

    Over the last several days, more than 5,000 lawyers have signed up through the L4GG Foundation's volunteer interest form to assist at DACA clinics, and our program team is working diligently (late nights, weekends, early mornings) to mobilize as many volunteer lawyers as possible in support of current DACA status holders.


    To that end, we've begun holding online training sessions for volunteer lawyers, to be held at 8pm Eastern / 5pm Pacific on Sunday (9/10), Monday (9/11), and Tuesday (9/12). The trainings, which focus on the completion of DACA renewal applications for current DACA status holders, are led by an experienced immigration lawyer from AILA (the American Immigration Lawyers Association).


    At the same time, we're recruiting and training state and city-level Immigration Volunteer Coordinators (IVCs) to help connect volunteer lawyers with DACA clinics, and we're working with AILA and other organizations to maximize opportunities for volunteers to assist at DACA clinics wherever and whenever help is needed.


    You'll have an opportunity to register for the IVC Orientation call on the next page.


    As a young organization with minimal resources, we at the L4GG Foundation are doing everything we can to respond to the crisis created by the rescission of DACA.


    With that in mind, before registering for the IVC Orientation, would you be willing to donate $5 (or more) to the L4GG Foundation to help ensure that we can continue to run this program and others like it?


    Yes, please take me to the online donation page


    No, please take me directly to the IVC Orientation registration page

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